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The Need For Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is also known as skin whitening or skin bleaching and is used to lighten skin color and even out skin tones. Skin lightening may be used to make moles and birthmarks match the rest of a person’s skin. When vitiligo is the problem skin lightening may be used to give a more uniform appearance in the areas not affect by the condition.

The pigment, melanin is responsible for the color of a person’s skin and the darkness of that color. Melanin is also responsible for providing protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. All people, regardless of skin color can suffer from uneven pigmentation which is caused by too much or too little melanin.

Hyper-pigmentation which is increased melanin production can be the results of overexposure to the sun, hormone changes, injury or skin surgery, stress and even some autoimmune diseases.
The desire for an even skin tone will prompt some people to try products and procedures to lighten their skin by the removal of hyper-pigmentation. These treatments range from the use of creams to laser treatments.

Laser surgery is a drastic measure of treatment for hyper-pigmentation and is used only in cases where not else has worked. It is most often used for even out the skin when vitiligo is the problem. Vitiligo is a condition where the pigment cells are destroyed and white patches appear. The cause of vitiligo is not known but is thought to be an autoimmune disease and is often an inherited condition.

Another type of treatment that is used only when other treatments have failed is pulsed light treatment. It consist of directing beams of light milder than used in lasers to the affected area and are administered in pulses.

Skin Lightening

Most people are troubled by uneven pigmentation of their skin. This can occur as the result of getting older, because of overexposure to the sun, or you may have been born with patches of darker skin on the face, hands, or body. Whatever the cause, uneven pigmentation can make you look older than you are or hide the natural beauty of your skin. Thankfully, there are a number of products available that can help with lightening of the skin.

The skin gets its color from melanin, the naturally occurring pigment manufactured by your skin cells. Trouble occurs when certain areas of the skin produce more melanin than other areas, resulting in patchy or blotchy looking skin. You may have darker areas beneath the eyes, around the mouth, or perhaps on the backs of your hands. These dark spots can be embarrassing and mask the natural luster of your complexion.

Skin lightening creams and lotions work by blocking the overproduction of melanin that results in skin darkening and blotching. Often, results can be seen within a few weeks, although gradual and even lightening will occur over several months. The process is steady and regular so that your appearance will improve without calling undue attention to the change.

As with any cosmetic or cosmetic procedure, some skin lightening products will be more effective than others and some will be safer as well. You should always check with your skin care salon to learn about the newest, safest, and most effective skin lightening products available.

Each person, man or woman, is beautiful in his or her own way. And, whatever your complexion or skin type, you want to highlight your own particular beauty. Skin lightening treatments will let the natural tone and shade of your skin be revealed. So say goodbye to blotchy and patchy skin, and welcome in your particular brand of beauty!