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ChamomileTea: How it Benefits Skin Discoloration

ChamomileTea: How it Benefits Skin Discoloration
Brown spots, Scars from acne, No one likes to admit they have them, let alone walk into a beauty store and tell a complete stranger that they’re looking for a skin lightening product. Embarrassment aside, what’s the best way to combat spots or skin discoloration? The solution may surprise you: It doesn’t come in a bottle. It’s not expensive. It’s all natural, and works wonders. What is it? Chamomile tea!

A recent skeptic myself, I thought, ‘Oh sure, the tea I drink as a warm and comforting beverage can now magically fade the spots on my face?’. I’m not actually sure what drove me to try it, whether out of sheer desperation, frustration, or simply curiosity. But I did. I went to the store (in the grocery aisle, no less!) and bought a box of the purest tea bags. The best kind to get have one ingredient: Chamomile flowers. And that’s it. This in itself was enough to unnerve me. Just like the majority of women, I’ve come to think that a product is only as good as the twenty or so ingredients that are in it. And the harder they are to pronounce, the better. But I was committed to seeing it if it would work, and if nothing less, I’d at least have stories to tell my girl friends about my tea and skin escapades.

Chamomile tea and its benefits for skin is surprisingly all over the internet, and people have been singing its praises for years. I, apparently, have been looking in all the wrong places. Tea has been used for centuries as a skin lightener, but Chamomile in particular is not only good for your overall health (as a drink), but for your skin as well. In fact, to get the full impact, tea beauty enthusiasts recommend you drink a cup of the tea before bed, and then use another for your face. Chamomile tea tightens your pores, softens your skin, and when used consistently over a two to three week period, will fade spots and acne scars.

My routine consists of washing my face in the evening with a gentle cleanser, then splashing a cup of luke-warm Chamomile tea on my face before patting it dry. I don’t rinse it off, but I do save the tea bag and dab it on my problem areas afterwards, letting it dry and do its magic. And although I’ve never been a huge fan of the taste, I’ve started drinking more of the tea, too. It’s a dramatic difference! The overall texture, feel, and look of my skin has improved more than I could have ever imagined. Those embarrassing spots have all but faded, and all from a simple tea made from a flower!

Ready to get rid of those brown spots, marks, and scars? Put down that expensive cream, step away from the beauty counter, and head over to the new face of fading skin treatments: Tea!

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