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Prevention is Always the Best Course of Action (Sun Protection)

Prevention is Always the Best Course of Action (Sun Protection)

Sun protection is so easy to achieve that there is really no excuse not to take advantage of the products and practices that afford it. In fact, there is a saying—“Slip, Slap, Slop”—that is designed to help people remember exactly how to do it. Let’s take each of these in order.

“Slip on a shirt.” This is what “slip” stands for, and it simply means cover up exposed skin. Wear light-colored clothing, such as a long-sleeved shirt on top and pants on the bottom, in a tight enough weave that will not allow the sun’s rays to penetrate.

Some clothing manufacturers have actually designed garments that have a sun protection factor, or SPF, just as some sunscreens do. The clothes even come in varying degrees of SPF, from low to high. These garments have been especially welcomed by very fair-skinned people as well as parents who want to start the good habit of sun protection as early as possible in their children’s lives.

“Slap on a hat.” Wearing a hat will provide protection to the scalp and ears as well as the face. Some people forget, until it is too late, that the scalp and ears are just as vulnerable, if not more so, to sun damage as the face is. The wider brim a hat has the more sun protection it will have. However, even a baseball cap can afford some shade.

“Slop on the sunscreen.” This does not just mean suntan lotion, although it affords the greatest sun protection. It is a good idea to look for skin care products that contain ingredients that afford at least a minimal amount of protection. Many types of lotions and face make-up contain sunscreen, making it possible for a person to look good and still practice good skin damage prevention.

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